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What makes teja unique?

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1. Journaling

Capture your thoughts and emotions with the help of AI-powered journaling.

2. Mood Tracking
3. Insights
4. Guidance

Privacy, sealed with your glance.

"Protecting your privacy is more than a duty for us; it's an essential component of our mission."

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Toolkit for mental wellbeing

Mindfully Crafted for Modern Wellbeing

Positive Psychology
Gratitude Journal
Morning Inspiration
Evening Introspection
Internal Family Systems
CBT Journal
Acceptance & Commitment
Dream Journal
Nervous System Rebalancing
Managing Conflict
Reframing Negative Thoughts
Conversation Preparation

500+ parameters diagonsed on every input

"At Teja, we believe in the power of science to enhance personal wellness. Each feature is meticulously designed with evidence-based methods, ensuring that your journey to peace and balance is supported by the latest research in psychological health and well-being. Our team blends scientific insights with innovative technology to create tools that adapt to your unique rhythm, helping you find harmony in the modern world."